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The feeling of motherhood is truly a divine experience and every bit of that feeling must be cherished. But, your journey of becoming a mother could be hindered by a lot of potential obstacles if you do not take proper care of yourself. There have been many cases where due to carelessness of pregnant women, their children had to suffer. A lot of reasons could be behind problems like pigmentation, gastric disorders, hypertension etc. Pigmentation in pregnancy is an unpleasant experience and you would want to get rid of it in any possible way, but you must be careful while going that road because the complications associated with it are way more than the benefits it has. Therefore, we have collected some information which will be helpful against pigmentation in pregnancy. Keep reading for a better understanding of the trouble you are facing and how to get rid of it.

What causes pigmentation in pregnancy?

A woman’s body undergoes several changes when she gets pregnant. Some of the visible changes are sagging of breasts, weight gain on abdominal region and face and swelling on feet. Apart from these, there are some changes which are not visible to human eyes as they are internal and affect the overall functionality of the woman. These internal changes are often caused due to the hormonal imbalance in a woman and it is because of this hormonal imbalance that pigmentation in pregnancy is seen in women. The pigmentation we see in women during their pregnancy and after that is called Melasma. What is Melasma and how can it be dealt with is essential to know, so keep reading.

What is Melasma and what are its causes?

Melasma is a skin disease wherein a woman in her pregnancy experience an unpleasant change in her skin which can be defined by the following manner, a patchy brownish tan and bluish gray discoloration is observed on their skin. Melasma is usually seen on a woman’s face and it is often found to be symmetrical in nature. Melasma is as infamous as any kind of pigmentation because of the uneasiness and discomfort it brings with itself. Therefore, dermatologists recommend immediate treatment or pigmentation during pregnancy home remedies which have no side effects.

Causes of Melasma

Although the certain causes of Melasma are not really known, but some researches have pointed to the possibility of Melasma being an outcome of the hormonal imbalance which a woman undergoes during pregnancy. Since, Melasma is a curable problem, what are its causes do not really matter. But it would have been easier to find a focused cure which will have a better efficacy against the skin condition. Also, it is believed that exposure to sunlight and birth control pills might cause Melasma.

What are the types of Melasma?

There are different types of Melasma like –

  1.  Epidermal Melasma – A lot of melanin is present on a person’s skin.
  2.  Dermal Melasma – Recognized by the melanophages which are present in the dermis.
  3.  Mixed Melasma – It is a mixture of both epidermal and dermal Melasma
  4.  Excess Melanocytes – These are present in people who have a dark skin.

All these types are harmful to a woman during her pregnancy and they must not remain unattended if you begin to see early symptoms.

What are the treatments for Melasma?

The primary course of treatment for Melasma would be to get a topical treatment which involves inclusion of over the counter products like creams and ointments which help in removal of the spots. These creams are recommended by dermatologists because they do not have a lot of risks associated with them. Apart from that, you can try home remedies for pigmentation in pregnancy. If these two do not help you out, then you can go for the higher course of treatment which will include phototherapy, drugs with higher amount of hydroquinone and hormone therapy.

There will be times when the urge to get a treatment for your pigmentation would take over you very strongly, but do not give up. The reason being that pigmentation treatment requires a lot of time and comes with a lot of medicines which might affect the baby, therefore, gynecologists advice for a natural pigmentation treatment during pregnancy. There are a lot of ways to get a natural

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