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Melasma is a skin condition that is characterized by the appearance of the dark colored patches on the skin. These patches usually appear on the face. It is mainly seen in women of elder age like above 40 years of age.These dark patches appear as a single spot or may spread in the face. They usually appear on the fore head and cheeks region. These patches are photo sensitive. They tend to look darker when exposed to sunlight. General medicine has treatment available for this disease. Dermatologist prescribes various medicated creams and ointment. They show effect till the treatment is carried out but once the treatment is stopped, abrupt appearance of dark spots begins. Dermatologists also recommend laser therapy for complete removal of the dark patches on the skin . laser therapy has side effects like stunted growth, hormonal imbalance, hirsutism, etc. Apart from these side effects, the skin becomes very sensitive after laser therapy. It becomes photosensitive, when exposed to sunlight or even tube lights or bulbs. To avoid these harmful side effects, switch to ayurveda treatment formula. It treatsvarious diseases without any side effects.To treat melasma, Vedas cure has manufactured Vedas melasma kit. It has all the natural ingredients that help to treat melasma from its root cause. Vedas melasma kit contains natural ingredients that lighten the dark patches on the face. It prevents the spread of dark patches on the face. A small quantity of Vedas melasma kit is sufficient to apply at a time. 1 FTU (one finger tip unit) formula is the best to apply the medicated creams on face. Take the cream on the one finger tip and apply on the affected area. Give a light massage over your face and leave it to absorb. It can be used by both men and women of any age group.


Irregular, patchy areas of dark color appear on the skin, usually on both sides of the face. The pigmentation most often occurs in the center of the face and on the cheeks, forehead, temples, upper lip, and nose. Sometimes people have the patches only on the sides of the face. Rarely, melasma appears on the forearms. The patches do not itch or hurt and are only of cosmetic concern.


Vedas cure manufactures the following herbal formulations that help to
treat pigmentation on face. It uses natural herbs to manufacture the

Anti-pigmentation Gel is unique herbal gel that contains organic papaya extract and saffron. This combination helps increase the face complexion and reduces blemishes. Ithydrates the skin and reduces the spots on the face. Papaya is a natural ingredient that helps brighten the skin color and tone.

Kaishor guggulu has natural herbs that help to reduce the body heat. Kaishor guggulu reduces the spots and blemishes on the face.

Aarogyavardhini Vati is an herbal formulation that reduces skin pigmentation and clears the skin marks or spots. The usage of these tablets depends on the severity of the disease. Usage: 1-2 tablets are suggested by the physician in the morning or evening.