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    Pigmentation commonly known as JHAI is a common skin disorder. It causes changes in our skin color resulting in dark spots or patches. causes changes in our skin color resulting in dark spots or patches. We can witness these spots on various sites of our face like near cheekbones, eyebrows, forehead, nose, etc. The scientific term used for pigmentation leading to these dark spots is Hyperpigmentation.

    Types of pigmentation

      Hyperpigmentation is a temporary   kind of pigmentation in which one can       witness dark spots followed after any kind Know More

      MELASMA which is a skin disorder, one  suffering from Melasma can witness   dark    brownish discoloured patches on face Know More

      FRECKLES Freckles are small brown patches on the skin. They arise due to   the   overproduction of melanin in our body Know More

    Pigmentation Treatment by vedas cure

    Vedas cure manufactures the following herbal formulations that help to
    treat pigmentation on face. It uses natural herbs to manufacture the

    Anti-pigmentation Gel is unique herbal gel that contains organic papaya extract and saffron. This combination helps increase the face complexion and reduces blemishes. Ithydrates the skin and reduces the spots on the face. Papaya is a natural ingredient that helps brighten the skin color and tone.

    Kaishor guggulu has natural herbs that help to reduce the body heat. Kaishor guggulu reduces the spots and blemishes on the face.

    Aarogyavardhini Vati is an herbal formulation that reduces skin pigmentation and clears the skin marks or spots. The usage of these tablets depends on the severity of the disease. Usage: 1-2 tablets are suggested by the physician in the morning or evening.

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