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Freckles  are light brown or red spots caused by routine UV irradiation and are more common in patients with lighter Fitzpatrick skin types and red or blond hair. Freckles usually appear as early as one year of age. People with freckles will notice that their freckles become darker and increase in number during the summer months as sun exposure accelerates pigment production. If you do not like the look of your freckles, there are medical therapies available to remove them; however, further sun exposure will cause the freckles to return. Although freckles are harmless, it is important to monitor their appearance and watch for areas of uneven pigmentation, raised edges or increasing size.




Freckles usually appear as a result of a combination of genetic predisposition (inheritance) and solar exposure. The solar and fluorescent tanning lights both emit ultraviolet (UV) rays, which when absorbed via the pores and skin enhances the production of melanin pigment by way of cutaneous melanocytes. People with blond or purple hair, light-colored eyes, and fair pores and skin are specifically susceptible to the destructive impact of UV rays and possibly to increase freckles. A freckle is in actuality nothing greater than a surprisingly heavy credit of melanin at one spot in the skin.


Genetics also plays a main part in deciding who is more likely to strengthen freckles primarily based on which type of melanin their physique produces. The physique can produce two sorts of melanin called pheomelanin and eumelanin. Eumelanin protects the pores and skin from UV rays, however, pheomelanin does not. The type of melanin the physique produces relies upon on a gene referred to as MC1R. People with darkish hair, eyes, and pores and skin normally produce mainly eumelanin and are usually saved from the threat of freckles…

 FRECKLES  treatment by vedas cure


Vedas cure manufactures the following herbal formulations that help to treat pigmentation on face. It uses natural herbs to manufacture the

Anti-pigmentation Gel is unique herbal gel that contains organic papaya extract and saffron. This combination helps increase the face complexion and reduces blemishes. Ithydrates the skin and reduces the spots on the face. Papaya is a natural ingredient that helps brighten the skin color and tone.

Kaishor guggulu has natural herbs that help to reduce the body heat. Kaishor guggulu reduces the spots and blemishes on the face.

Aarogyavardhini Vati is an herbal formulation that reduces skin pigmentation and clears the skin marks or spots. The usage of these tablets depends on the severity of the disease. Usage: 1-2 tablets are suggested by the physician in the morning or evening.