Treatment of pigmentation

Pigmentation or hyperpigmentation is referred to a condition in which the skin color becomes darker. It either discolors in small patches or spots. It happens due to the overproduction of melanin in our body or due to excess sun exposure. It usually develops in areas most exposed to the sun such as hands, face, neck, legs, etc. Treatment of pigmentation includes heavy medical procedures but the most effective and efficient recovery is through Ayurvedic procedures.

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Vedas Cure has its range of products that are herbal and effective. Vedas cure’s medicines and products are safe, clinically proven, and certified.

The detailed description of the products tells us more about the purity and effectiveness of the products.

  1. AAROGYAVARDHINI VATI –  these tablets are effective in treating liver diseases and maintaining the balance of melanin in the body. It is effective in treating skin diseases like hyperpigmentation without leaving a side effect or external threat to the skin. It also acts more like a cardiac tonic because it detoxifies the body and enhances the digestive power. Detoxification also prevents acne and maintains hormonal balance of the body. 

    Caution- its usage is completely prohibited for pregnant ladies.

  2. ANTI-PIGMENTATION GEL-  this 50 gm ointment is very effective for pigmentation. It has absolutely no side effects and can be applied as a moisturizer. It is the best ointment that is effective and easy to use for the treatment of pigmentation. It hydrates, repairs and fights with blemishes too. It also can cure hyperpigmentation, freckles, and melasma. This is an all in one product for any skin issue. It is composed of extracts of papaya, rose, neem, jasmine, basil, daisy, lotus, glycerin, and orchid. These ingredients are very gentle on the skin and helps it breathe and repair on its own.
  3. KAISHOR GUGGLU-  kaishor gugglu is one of the most recommended and popular product among our customers. Its magical ingredients cure all types of skin diseases especially pigmentation. It is also effective in treating blood-related diseases. Apart from all these tablets are also beneficial in treating increased uric acid levels, acne, wounds, sprains, and stomach related diseases.
  4. VEDAS JHAI AND DARK SPOTS CURE- this product is in the form of small granules. They are super effective in removing lines and pigmentation from the face. It helps the skin to regain its same old texture and make it spot-free. It balances the chemical composition in our body and removes pigmentation. Its composition includes ingredients like Gulab Phool, neem Chahal, babool Chahal, Indra, Shankh Pushpi, Amaaltas, Bhui amla, Makoy beej, etc. All of these products are parts of natural herbs and plants from nature’s kitchen.
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