Treatment of melasma

Melasma is a condition in which our skin develops dark patches. These patches arise when the production of melanin exceeds in our body. It is also called chloasma and mask of pregnancy for pregnant women. Treatment of melasma includes light therapies and heavy medications. These medical procedures are expensive and make the skin prone to side effects and deadly diseases such as skin cancer.


treatment of melasma by vedas cure

It is better to opt for simple home remedies or switching to Ayurvedic procedures. Vedas Cure is the most trusted brand in the name of Ayurveda because its range of products shows extraordinary results. 

Let’s have a look at the products.


  1. VEDAS JHAI AND DARK SPOTS CURE- this product is in the form of small granules. It is effective in balancing the level of melanin in the body. It removes the dark spots and clears the skin. It is useful in removing every type of pigmentation from the skin. The key role is, it balances the chemical composition of the body and makes the skin clear and return to the same texture and softness. Its composition includes herbal ingredients such as like Gulab Phool, neem Chahal, babool Chahal, Indra, Shankh Pushpi, Amaaltas, Bhui amla, Makoy beej, etc. consumption of these granules with lukewarm water is beneficial and effective.
  2. ANTI-PIGMENTATION GEL- this product has been made from extracts of papaya and saffron. Both of the above raw materials are very beneficial for the skin. It can be used as a moisturizer as it rejuvenates the skin cells. It is effective in treating freckles, melasma, pigmentation, or any kind of skin disorder.
  3. KAISHOR GUGGLU- kaishor gugglu is very effective in treating blood-related diseases. It cleans the blood which in return maintains the hormonal balance of the body. It removes the toxins from the body which helps the skin to breathe and speeds up the process of treatment of melasma. Consumption of 1-2 tablets in a day relieves from muscle cramps, dryness and improves the digestive system too.
  4. AAROGYAVARDHINI VATI – it is also effective in detoxification and treating liver diseases. Keeping our liver healthy is important because if our liver is healthy, the hormonal balance of the body won’t disrupt. Diseases like melasma are the result of hormonal imbalance only. Aargyavardhini Vati acts as a cardiac tonic and flushes away all the toxins from the body. It also prevents acne and treats hyperpigmentation too effectively. Pregnant ladies are more prone to melasma due to a roller coaster change in their hormonal balance but aarogyavardhini vati is not recommended for them.
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