Treatment of Freckles

Freckles are small, well defined patches or spots on the skin surface that are usually exposed to sun rays. They develop on abruptly on the face or cheeks. There is medical illness in the formation of freckles but from the cosmetic concern it proves to be a flaw on the skin. 

Freckles are formed around facial parts such as cheeks, under-eye portions, chin, neck and forehead.

Freckles are not harmful and they are non-cancerous. They reduce the over-all look of the face by red spots on the face.

treatment of freckles by vedas cure

Vedas cure provides the treatment for freckles.

The following is prescribed for freckles:

  1. Aarogyavardhini Vati
  2. Kaishor Guggulu
  3. Vedas Jhai And Dark Spots Cure
  4. Anti-pigmentation Gel

Aarogyavardhini Vati:

This is a herbal formulation that reduces the skin pigmentation and clears the skin of any marks or blemishes. It helps to maintain the skin clear without any freckle spots on face.

Kaishor Guggulu:

It helps to reduce body heat. Kaishor guggulu helps to reduce the spots on face.

Vedas Jhai And Dark Spots Cure:

  • Vedas Cure provides this unique herbal formulation that naturally reduces the skin patches and spots. 
  • It helps to make the face spot-free and blemish-free.
  • Removes any kind of pigmentation from the skin
  • Bring the skin back to its normal texture and color.
  • Reduces the freckles and jhai on the face caused by UV-rays.
  • Treats dark spots around facial parts such as cheeks, under-eye portions, chin, neck and forehead.

It contains natural herbs like kukti, bakayan chhal, neem chhal, babool chhal, gulab phool, dhai phool, chitrak mool, brahmi, shank pushpi, indra jau, manjistha, kaal megh, saunf, beel girri, murra, sheesham chhal, amba haldi, saunth, etc.

Anti-pigmentation Gel:

Vedas cure offers this unique herbal anti-pigmentation gel that contains organic papaya extract and saffron. This combination helps increase the face complexion and reduces blemishes. This formulation is very beneficial for maintaining healthy glow and blemish-free skin. It hydrates the skin and reduces the spots on the face. Papaya is a natural ingredient that helps increase the skin color and tone.

All the four formulation used continuously helps the skin to become freckle-free. 

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