Symptoms of pigmentation

 The majority of women today suffer from pigmentation, probably when they are in their 30s. Pigmentation is caused due to the excess production of melanin in our body. The production of melanin is through the skin cells named melanocytes. It results in dark patches on the skin. Sometimes, the melanin production speeds up even more and worsens the dark patches. This is also called hyperpigmentation. The disease is curable with certain treatments and medical advice.  

Symptoms of pigmentation by vedas cure

Pigmentation is caused due to several reasons so the symptoms also vary. Let’s have detailed look to the symptoms of pigmentation-


  • Excess exposure to the sun is one of the prime reasons for pigmentation. It burns the skin and patches are visible over the body. The patches are brown and tanned. Black spots over the body also indicate towards pigmentation. These patches and spots are visible or found on the hands, face, neck, or area exposed to the sun.
  • Pregnant women are likely to suffer from pigmentation because of the hormonal imbalance in their body. They suffer from dark skin patches on their forehead, neck, or face.
  • Patches of dark skin appears also after inflammatory disease. People suffering from skin injury or inflammatory disease develop dark skin patches over their face, neck or forehead.
  • These patches are symmetrical.
  • The area of attack is generally the face. Chin, forehead, and bridge of neck are more prone to it. However, it may conquer legs, knees, and elbow too.
  • The patches also become darker if exposed to the sun for a longer time.
  • If the patches are white and smooth, the person is likely to suffer from Vitiligo is a type of skin pigmentation which is also caused due to melanocyte disorder. Sadly, there is no specific treatment for treating vitiligo. These patches are very sensitive to the sun so it is treated with light-sensitive drugs.
  • Sometimes, when the skin burns or an ulcer cures, it leaves a dark patch on the skin. People mistake it as pigmentation. However, the burnt skin recovers on its own. It does not demand any specific treatment. The patches are cured by simple cosmetics or ointments.

Therefore, one must identify the symptoms of pigmentation closely lest it may spread to other parts of the body. The disease is curable but demands patience and support. The severity and symptoms of pigmentation may also vary depending upon its inheritance by the ancestors. The colour and area conquered by the patches also depends if the family had a history of pigmentation.

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