lip pigmentation



Lip pigmentation is a condition in which the colour of the lips darkens. The darkening of lips is because of excess production of melanin in the body or excess exposure to the sun. This is known as pigmentation or hyperpigmentation. Initially darkening of lips is either ignored or not taken care of. Though the condition is harmless, yet it may portray some underlying health issues. With the duration of time, the colour becomes darker and continues to darken if not treated on time. This leads to discolouration of lips and bleaches the pink shade. Once they become darker it becomes difficult to get back to the original colour.

Increased and regular consumption of tobacco

Lip pigmentation becomes common for the people who smoke a lot and also consume tobacco. Excess of anything is bad and especially these dangerous products whose even a little quantity is dangerous. Increased and regular consumption of tobacco and cigarettes pose a real threat to our lips. The ingredients used in them pose a serious threat to both external and internal organs. The fact is, it is very difficult to get back to the original lip colour once the lip pigmentation has begun. Everyone possesses soft pink lips from birth and evolves. Cracking, hardening, and evolving are the phases that our lips go through, but not discolouring. Once the lip pigmentation commences it takes a lot of time to cure. Slowly and gradually, the person can get back to their original lip colour.

However most of the time it becomes fairly impossible to get back to the original colour.

Discoloured lips Pigmentation

As mentioned earlier lip pigmentation also highlights some underlying health issues and also points out to unhealthy practices included in our daily routine. The discoloured lips do not appeal to the personality. They make the person appear untidy and seldom ruin the first impression without even initiating a conversation. We should take care of our lips and make it a part of our daily routine. Regular care won’t land anyone in a condition like lip pigmentation. A variety of home remedies are available which helps in brightening the lip colour. Aloe vera, olive oil, petroleum jelly, beetroot, lip balms, coconut oil, etc are very productive. They do not just improve the texture but also keeps them soft and moist. Once the lip pigmentation is detected consumption of tobacco and cigarettes should be eliminated. Their consumption would worsen the condition and decreases the chance of getting back to normal.

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