dark pigmentation around neck

Dark Pigmentation around the neck

Dark Pigmentation around the neck

The discoloration neck skin disorder identifies the dark-colored skin in the folds and cuts. The skin becomes dark, thick, and velvety in texture When the skin color of the face will be different and dark from that of the neck region and the Dark pigmentation of the skin is called Acanthosis Nigricans.

It usually affects in a symmetrical fashion. If the dark pigmentation comes on the left groin then it also appears on the right groin and the affected region also has itching and foul odor.

Areas affected:

  • Neck: the region around the neck
  • Armpits
  • Groin

People at high risk to develop dark pigmentation:

  • People with obesity are at a higher risk to develop dark pigmentation. Fat people are skin folds and groins that rub against each other with friction and thus are more prone to develop dark pigmentation.
  • Children with diabetes are at higher risk of developing dark pigmentation  
  • This disorder is non-contagious that does not spread upon touching to the affected person but it usually appears to affect the members of the same family.
  • People affected with Acanthosis Nigricans are more open to develop type II diabetes.



  • Many populations have higher body weight and the skin folds undergo friction and changes the skin color.
  • People experience hormonal changes and undergo dark-colored skin around the neck in the third birth of pregnancy. This is usually self-limiting. The pigmentation reduces and the skin tone comes back to normal after delivery of the baby.
  • Cancer: the dark neck is an alarming sign to indicate any abnormalities with the liver and stomach and directly help should be taken from a physician to rule out the cause of skin pigmentation.
  • Cushing disease: thyroid hormone abnormalities also causes dark-colored skin around the neck.
  • Dermatitis Neglecta; is a skin condition due to the unwashed skin area. If the skin is not washed properly after sweating, sebum excretion or other mater accumulates due to lack of hygiene. The skin color changes due to unhygienic conditions.

Drug-induced dark pigmentation:

Some drugs used for medical reasons are prone to cause dark pigmentation around the neck.

  • NSAID’s
  • Anti-convulsants like phenytoin
  • Anti-malarials
  • Amiodarone
  • Tetracycline
  • Anti-psychotic drugs

The skin pigmentation caused by the usage of drugs is usually reversible but when the drug is stopped then the skin color becomes normal.

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