Causes of melasma

Have you often wondered what causes these dark patches of discoloration on your face or rather what causes Melasma?

Is it because of your great grandfather who had the same problem? Or is it because of some reaction against the sunlight? Lets find out.

To be precise, the cause of Melasma is quite vague.It likely occurs when the melanocytes produce way too much colour.


causes of melasma
  • This results in burnt patches of darker colour appearing on the chin ,cheeks,  nose, upper lips and sometimes even on the neck and forearm areas.
  • Melasma invigorates these melanocytes when our skin is exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun.
  • People who have skin of color are more prone to melasma as they have more active melanocytes than people with lighter skin.
  • Often women are the victims here as birth control pills and hormone replace medicine are more harm than good to people with melasma.
  • Although the patches disappears gradually after delivery of the child, it can take several months to heal completely.
  • Genetic make-up also matters in finding out if someone will get melasma.
  • Lots of the patients recognised their family members also suffering from the same.
  • Besides people living in the temperate zone had explicit chances of getting melasma.
  • Summer season could be a nightmare with melasma.
  • People who had thyroid issues were seen to be affected by it extremely.
  • Certain cosmetics and chemical skin products that cause rashes in the skin also triggers melasma.
  • Eventually melasma can be cured.
  • Although it persists in some people for numerous days.
  • Several treatments are available if it still persists. For such cases pay a visit to your dermatologist.
  • Also enquire about the possible side effects that can result by the treatment.
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