causes of freckles

Freckles are small, tanned brown spots on skin. They usually arise on the parts exposed to the sun. they arise due to excess production of melanin in the body. The production of melanin increases because of the increase in cells named melanocytes. Freckles are harmless and do not evolve into any serious disease. Repeated exposure sun usually
darkens and makes them more apparent the spots whereas the winter sun brightens them.

The spots are uniform in shape and size all over the affected area. People with fair complexion are more prone to freckles.


causes of freckles

The freckles are of various types depending upon their color, size, and distribution. Though the prime causes of freckles are genetics and sun exposure still they are seldom confused with lentigines, so the correct knowledge is mandatory, to have a clear picture let’s have a look on causes of freckles.

sun exposure

Freckles are not caused by the consumption of any food material or by coming in contact with an infected person. It is either genetic in nature or is caused by the exposure to sun. The sun rays consist of UV radiations which are very harmful for our skin. Freckles are nothing more than excess of melanin on a specific body part. These UV radiations enhances the production of melanin in our body and as a result freckles appear. They either cover a small part of the body or may conquer a larger part. They become more darker during summer season whereas brighten up during the winters. This is because during winters new body cells grow and replace the old ones.The common target places are hands, face, arms and chest.

Genetic or inheritance

Our body can produce 2 types of Melanin, named as- pheomelanin and eumelanin. Our genes may decide if the freckles will attack depending upon the type of melanin our body produces. Eumelanin protects the pores and skin from UV rays, however, pheomelanin does not. People with a fair skin are more likely to suffer from freckles because their body produces pheomelanin. Their body produces pheomelanin in large numbers and make them prone to freckles.

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