ayurvedic treatment for blenishes melasma and pigmentation

Ayurvedic treatment for blemishes and Pigmentation

Ayurvedic treatment for blemishes and Pigmentation Skin problems! I have never had any kind of skin problem. Does this sentence look real? Absolutely not. Everyone faces skin problemsonce in their life span,whether that’s for a short time or a problem that causes pain for a long while. Here, we are goingto discuss the two most common skin-related diseases. Surely you are facing the same, that’s why you are here.

But don’t worry, we have brought problems with their solutions.Blemishes and pigmentation are two other words and also look different, but you know what, the causes of both of them are the same. Blemishes are any kind of mark, spot or can say discoloration or flaw that appears on the skin. However, it can also be a sign of skin cancer.

Pigmentation refers to the color of the skin. This disorder causes a change in your skin color.Blemishes can be the result of overproduction of oil by the sebaceous glands. Hormonal changes often trigger this overproduction.

As a result, the majority of adolescents experience this issue. And the skin developed pimples, pustules, blackheads, and whiteheads. Pigmentation, the most common factor to cause pigmented skin is sun damage. Although it is also a direct result of an increase in hormone levels in the body that increases melanin synthesis.

Pigmentation may be caused by an excess of hormone release during pregnancy.Pollution, stress, and unhealthiness are the most common causes of any type of skinproblem, like a curse to anybody. Today’s junk foods and medication can also harm the skin. We can’t depend on medical treatment every time, even if it is not safe.

But Ayurveda has all the solutions. Here you will get Ayurvedic treatment for blemishes and pigmentation.Lemon Juice:Lemon juice can help to cure all skin problems. Just apply lemon juice to your face and wash after 15-20 minutes with normal water. Or you can also add honey with it.Neem:Neem is the most valuable herb for skin diseases.

Take 10-12 leaves of Neem, make a thin paste, add curd to it, then apply it to the affected part of the skin. After 20 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water.Sandalwood:Sandalwood, with curing skin, also gives younger and healthier skin. Make a fine paste of sandalwood by adding a teaspoon orange juice.

Apply it on the affected part and wash after half an hour with Lukewarm water.Orange peel:Orange peels have a high quantity of vitamin C and citric acid that help in repairing the skin and makes it brighter and look younger.

Make a paste of orange peel powder with honey and yogurt, apply on the face, then wash after 15-20 minutes with herbal soap or lukewarm water.Tomato paste:To make the skin brighter and to remove dark stains, it is good to use tomato paste.

Apply tomato paste to the affected area and wash with water after 20 minutes. It will help to make the skin shine.Turmeric:Turmeric has antibiotic qualities that help to make the skin clean and pure. By adding turmeric powder with honey or a teaspoon of milk, make a paste and apply to the affected parts. It will let you feel cool and light on your face and make your skin glow.

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